Monday, 30 June 2014

The Magical Moroccan Yoga Immersion by: Unwind your Mind with YogaLove

YogaLove & Unwind your Mind
Bring you:

The Magical Moroccan Yoga Immersion

Sophia and Shaura are collaborating once again to bring you a profound and eclectic mix of Yogic, contemplative and complementary traditions. Or to put it simply, we are running a lovely Yoga holiday this summer in Morocco!
We will draw upon our extensive collective knowledge to bring you a once in a lifetime Yoga journey.  On this two - part journey, we will share yummy aspects of an intensive yoga, meditation and movement retreat, coupled with exploration and fun times together.  All designed to leave you feeling relaxed, revitalised, nourished and nurtured.
We will also make time to explore the beauty of the Atlas Mountains and peruse through the intriguing maze that is Marrakech.
So, why not leave your troubles behind, to make room for light, joy and relaxation on this blissful week away?
Here’s the Plan:
25th-29th August – Atlas Mountain’s
The journey begins, transport will be arranged for you all from Marrakech airport and when all are assembled we will ascend the Atlas Mountains.
From there we make our way to Imlil to experience a full yogic immersion: all four mornings we rise with the sun and work our way through joyous sessions of Yoga, meditation, breathing work and much more.  Towards the end of part one we prepare you to make the transition from stillness to activity.

29th – 1st August
We head back down the mountain for three days in magical Marrakesh. Here we will be offering fixed morning and evening Yoga practices, which makes room for more time to experience the colourful local markets and bazaars.
What a wonderful opportunity for early Christmas shoppers!
There are also many stunning palaces, gardens and galleries of which we can recommend many.

·      Kundalini Yoga
·      Hatha Yoga
·      Vinyasa Yoga
·      Meditation
·      Fire Ritual
·      Dance Meditations
·      Ayurveda
·      Reiki
·      Contemplation
·      Mindfulness
·      Metta Bhavana Meditation  (Loving Kindness)
·      Yogic Philosophies
·      Wonderful Food & Company
Investment is kept low with a 50% deposit securing your place.  The holiday is looking very popular so it is advised to secure quickly.
·      £600
·      £550 couples (share double bed)
In terms of flights it is advised that you aim to get there early in the day on the 25th so we may make the most of our time.  Flights are pretty cheap at the moment if you shop around, so book sooner rather than later J
If you have any further questions do let us know!
See you there!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Neuroscience and Breath Technology for Therapists

 YogaLove- interfacing the worlds of modern science and ancient wisdom
Saturday 22nd March at S.P.A.C.E
10-4pm £40

Facilitator: Shaura Hall

Shaura’s journey into the mind began when she experienced her first counselling course in 2005. Since then she has embarked on a continuous training program in a range of mind body practices, all promoting effective healing in both individuals and groups.

In addition to teaching Kundalini Yoga and Reiki Healing, she is a Yoga Therapist for Mental Health and a Mindfulness Facilitator with specialist knowledge in Addiction Recovery Coaching.  She teaches Yoga Philosophy and the Neurobiology of Mental health to yoga teachers at The Minded Institute and she is currently studying for a BA in Psychological Studies and Philosophy.

In this experiential workshop Shaura will share knowledge about using the breath safely to help regulate the nervous system. 

She has created a specific training course for therapists wanting to work confidently with clients and breath, so as well as being a highly enjoyable and interesting day, this workshop is also a chance for people to make an informed decision about the content of the breath training course.

The day will include:

  1. The neurobiology of stress
  2. How to assess breath patterns with a view to understanding the nervous system default
  3. How we can reverse bad breathing habits in order to remain comfortable under stressful condition
  4. Practice a variety of breathing techniques to lift and lower the system

The workshop is designed to be a deeply inspiring, relaxing and refreshing day J

For information or booking, please contact Shaura on  07758 826614 or

Friday, 27 December 2013

A New Year Retreat for Addictions with Jo De Rosa and her Team.

Are you struggling with an addiction that threatens to spiral out of control if you do not address the situation right now? 

Perhaps you are successfully holding down your job, keeping your family together and just about keeping on top of your health, but feel this balancing act is in danger of imploding? 

If booze or recreational drugs are starting to become a crutch that you are relying on to get through the day, then the Yoga for Addictions Retreat has been created for you.
This is the perfect opportunity to take your first steps outside of your usual patterns and coping strategies, and experience what life could be like free of unhealthy addictions. 
The program has been carefully structured to support and empower with emphasis on nutrition, coaching, fasting and supplementation as well as daily yoga and meditation classes. Learn tips and techniques that you can take home with you to implement into your daily life, and make permanent changes.

Included in the package are treatments from the H.E.A.L team:

Helen Rebello - Craniosacral Therapy
Erin Cunningham - Nutritionist
Anni Meehan - Bio Dynamic Psychotherapy
Lizzie Falconer - NLP and Hypnotherapy
All of these therapies are how the creator of the program Jo De Rosa regained control and got clean. 

We know how the festive season can put added strain onto an already pressurised situation which is why our very first retreat week is launching over the new year.
What could be better than beginning 2014 sober? 

Monday 30th December 2013 to Friday 3rd January 2014

The location for this exclusive residential program is Inner Guidance Holistic Retreat Centre, set just outside Lavenham, Suffolk, UK.
The 16th Century grade two listed tudor house sits atop a hill, within three acres of land, and has unspoilt views over horses and hills.
You will experience a contemporary luxury boutique hotel setting with a welcoming homely vibe. Enjoy blazing open fires, lie ins in your kingsize bed, and walks around the gardens and lake.

The house has had visits from Gandhi, Sir Winston Churchill, the King of Norway and other international figures within it's interesting history, and holds a positive and healing energy.

Your host and creator of the program is Jo De Rosa, who has struggled through addictions to alcohol and drugs over the past 25 years.
Jo changed her lifestyle and abolished negative addictions with the help of yoga, meditation, coaching and nutrition, and is excited to share all that she has learnt with the participants who have decided that today is the day to make a stand to leave behind limitation, and embrace life to the full. 

Jo says, "It is hard when you are caught up in the middle of an addiction to see how it could be on the other side. This five day program will do just that, and allow the retreatant a glimpse of themselves without the burden of having to conform to what they have always done, what society expects of them, or have just fallen into. We all have the potential for happiness, success and inner peace and this retreat will give you some insight into your own unlimited potential."
The retreat is open to just five participants to ensure exclusivity 

En suite rooms are stylish and comfortable, and the investment for this five day retreat starts at £1,950 inclusive.
Email Jo with questions and to book your place at:

For more information and to read Jo's latest blog 'The Freedom of Sobriety' visit:

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Workshop with Hari Har Ji in Sheffield -14th December 10:30-4:30pm

Hari Har Ji is an international teacher trainer with years of experience in the Kundalini Yoga tradition. 

We are blessed to receive her in Sheffield, where she will talk to us about living our truth. 

This thought provoking and popular subject has recently been shared with our northern cousins in Edinburgh. 

We will post the full write up very soon.

Days with Hari Har Ji include a kundalini yoga kriya, meditation and a good deal of worldly yogic wisdom.

This special day will include simple vegetarian lunch and yogi tea.

Investment for the day £40 with 2.5 CEU points awarded for teachers.

As spaces are limited will we be taking payment at registration and we advise speedy booking to guarantee your place.

Please contact:
Shaura on 07758 826614

Professional Training in Addictions with the Minded Institute- June 12-15th 2014 - London

Open to: recovery workers, yoga teachers and anyone who has experienced addiction. 

Clinically, Addiction is characterised by a loss of control over drug use as indicated by continued use despite negative consequences (APA,2000). In the emerging neurobiological framework, addiction is beginning to be thought of, as a chronic relapsing disease of the brain. With one of the prevalent features being vulnerability to relapse. Early studies of generic inpatient programmes treating alcohol addiction found that 80-90% of patients suffered relapse (when defined as one drink) with the first year. 

Currently, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) offers much of the relapse prevention treatments. According to the CBT model, changing dysfunctional thoughts and coping responses reduces relapse (Marlatt & Gordon 1985). Additionally, building confidence in the ability to cope with high risk situations also increases the likelihood of continued abstinence. 

So, what if the efficacy of CBT and other treatment methods could be drastically improved by a programme that draws upon the ability for the brain to change behaviour and structure given the proper circumstances? 

Minded Institute has developed a professional training programme to support recovery workers or yoga teachers wishing to develop mind & body practices for addictions. 

In this four day specialised training we will share cutting edge scientific information and practices known to change the brain, and shown to develop confidence in the client group.

On the course we will look briefly at possible reasons why people become addicted to substances or behave in certain ways. This will require that we look into early environment and also consider genetic implications. 

Additionally, to get a more in-depth understanding from a neuroscientific perspective, we will explore some associated neurotransmitters.

It is also useful to understand how neurogenesis or creation of new brain cells can occur. This is so we can be better informed about how specific co-ordinated movement can assist with this process in our client group.

A commonality in all mental health populations is lack of ability to concentrate. Consequently, we will spend some time looking at some different methods available that have been found to raise or develop powers of concentration. 

When the quality of mind has been raised to a certain level, we can initiate mindfulness as method of observing the mind. Mindfulness has been proven to have many benefits including strengthening the part of the brain we need for rational and inhibitions. 

We will share evidence- based knowledge from the scientific community, together with real life experience in treating addiction through yoga and mindfulness. 

You will be given a manual and CD for home practice and to share with clients. 

So what are we looking at again?

- Why do we become addicted to substances or behaviour patterns?
- What happens to the central nervous system when we have been self medicating?
- What happens to our breath?
- What is neurogenesis, and how is it thought to occur?
- What happen in the brain when we practice yoga and mindfulness?
- How can we promote new brain growth through these practices?
- What is concentration & why is important to promote this skill in our clients?
- What is mindfulness & how do we teach people how to be with the mind?
- We will glance into early environment, genetics & neurotransmitters

What you will take away from this training course? 

- A certificate of attendance and CPD points from the Minded Institute

- One 4 Week Course developed over four years of working with yoga and relaxation practices in addiction and recovery settings.

- Yoga Nidra practice specifically created for recovery.

- Mindfulness Practices

- Neuroscience of Addictions

- Science of Breath

- Psychotherapeutic holding techniques

- Safety and grounding 

Facilitators Shaura Hall Heather Mason. 

Shaura Hall has a wealth of experience in addictions. She has worked delivering yoga and relaxation in the recovery field since 2009. She is a trained MBRP (Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention) facilitator and addictions recovery coach. As well as being a Yoga Therapist for mental health she has an additional 500+ hours yoga teacher training in kundalini yoga, yoga nidra & yoga for chronic conditions. 
She is working towards a BA in Philosophy and Psychological studies with the Open University. 

Heather Mason develops innovative methods for mental health treatment drawing on her robust educational background including an MA in Psychotherapy, an MA in Buddhist Studies and an ongoing MSc in Neuroscience. She is also a 500 RYT, a yoga therapist and an MBCT facilitator. Heather develops protocols for different client populations by translating cutting edge research from the psycho-biology and neuro-biology of stress into yoga practices, breathwork, mindfulness interventions and therapeutic holding. Further she is involved in research on the efficacy of these practices. Heather also trained with the Boston Trauma Center on yoga Therapy for trauma and now lectures with the team on the neurobiology of trauma and the neurological mechanisms of yoga and mindfulness as relevant interventions. She regularly writes and lectures on mind body therapy. 

Heather also teaches the science of breath to Harvard medical students in Boston. 

Investment: Early Bird Discount Booking £250 before 31st March 2014